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FTP to the CWPA server
A guest account provides direct FTP access and will allow for unlimited file size transfers. FTP access requires an FTP Client and many are available at no cost either as standalone applications or add-ons to a browser. Firefox users (Mac or PC) may use FireFTP. FileZilla Client is a cross platform application available at no cost. Download and documentation links are provided below. A username and password must be obtained from CWPA.

Sending large files to CWPA via email
There are a number of options available to send large files. Email attachments are the simplest and most direct but are restricted by size. The maximum size of an attachment sent by email is determined by the service of both user and sender. The maximum filesize attachment using Gmail is 25MB, whereas Yahoo mail at the time of this post is limited to a 10MB attachment. A 10MB file is also the limit for attachments sent via email to: 'recipient'

FireFTP: [download/learn more here]
FileZilla: [download/learn more here]

Although each FTP application or extension may present a different setup screen,
the following fields are standard and/or required to connect with the CWPA Guest FTP:

Label: not required, only for referencing CWPA site
Host name: *required address to the server where files will be transfered
User name: *required login authentication
Password: *required login authentication - provided by CWPA
Port: *use default setting of application or if required set to 21
Security: *Standard FTP
Login Type: *Normal

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