Sep 2 2010

Sardine Research Update – Southern California Report

We extend huge thanks to Nick Jurlin on the FV Eileen, Robert Terzoli on the Maria T, and Neil Guglielmo on the Trionfo, as well as our pilots Jeff Luboff and Devin Reed for their dedication to this research.

Through August 28, they have completed 12 preliminarily acceptable sets, targeting the smaller schools (as instructed to do). For the next two weeks they’ll be targeting schools at the larger end of the spectrum — up to 80 tons.

Below is a photo of Nick Jurlin approaching a small school near the Northern Channel Islands; his target is highlighted with arrows. The pilot estimated the school at 5 tons; Nick estimated close to 6 tons, and the point set verified the weight at 5.3 tons. This photo was enhanced by Dr. Doyle Hanan, the scientific advisor and field coordinator for the research project, and shows numerous sardine schools.

Nick, Robert Terzoli and Vince Lauro will continue making point sets in Southern California until we fill the projected SoCal research allocation (about 1,050 metric tons). They have about 800 mt to go, but targeting the larger schools (i.e. 50-80 tons each), that tonnage should be caught relatively quickly.

All fish landed in Southern California will be processed either at Tri-Marine or State Fish Company.

Thanks to everyone involved in our California research project for your dedication and cooperation!

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