May 10 2011

Where farmers, fishermen agree

Lance Iversen / The Chronicle

Brett Baker

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Here’s something that would surprise anyone tracking the heavily politicized debate over California’s water, fish and farms: Many of the state’s farming and fishing communities generally agree on a sustainable plan for the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.

These united farming and fishing communities have mutual interests and goals. They know that the delta’s agricultural economy and California’s king salmon runs all depend on a healthy delta; and a healthy delta, in turn, requires adequate freshwater flows.

You probably wouldn’t know about this alliance from reading the newspaper, however. But the 250 people attending the Farms & Salmon Summit in Antioch on April 27 served as a testament to our common views – and to common sense. And there are thousands of others like us across the state and the West.

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