Oct 29 2012

State lifts advisory for Ventura County shellfish, sardines, anchovies

State officials have lifted an advisory to avoid shellfish harvested recreationally off the Ventura County coast and all sardines and anchovies caught locally because of elevated levels of domoic acid.

The Aug. 20 advisory warned against eating recreationally caught mussels and clams; all anchovies and sardines caught locally, both commercially and recreationally; and internal organs of all crabs and lobsters from Ventura County.

The California Department of Public Health says recent samples confirm the levels of domoic acid have declined to safe or undetectable levels. Domoic acid is a naturally occurring nerve toxin that can cause illness or death in humans, according to the agency.

No cases of human poisoning from the acid are known to have occurred in California, state officials said.

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