Dec 10 2012

Soybean Diets for Farmed Fish

**West coast CPS ‘forage’ harvest is strictly limited to leave most fish in the ocean, so innovative fish farmers are developing alternative feeds to provide high quality seafood for restaurants and seafood consumers.



What is the future of seafood?

A new video, funded by the U.S. soybean industry, takes us behind the scenes to what could become the beginning of a “green” fish-farming revolution.

“The video shows folks that industry is concerned about sustainability and that research is being conducted to address potential problems with cage farming,” said Donald Kent, president of Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute in San Diego. “Sea Grant and NOAA should take some credit for making this a possibility.”

Fish farmers at the innovative Pacifico Aquaculture are raising white sea bass, yellowtail and other premium finfish species in floating open-ocean cages near Isla Todos Santos (a famous big wave surf spot) off the coast of Ensenada, Mexico. 

The farm has recently earned a “best aquaculture practices” certification for all its green efforts.

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