Mar 2 2013

Oceana Overstates Mislabeled Fish Problem


By now, we all know that the fish we buy has about a one in three chance of being something other than what’s on the label.

Just how much should we care?

We can all agree that, in a perfect world, fish would be labeled accurately, but Oceana, an advocacy organization devoted to “protecting the world’s oceans,” and the latest to test fish samples, would have us believe the mislabeling problem is dire, dire, dire:

“As our results demonstrate, a high level of mislabeling nationwide indicates that seafood fraud harms not only the consumer’s pocket book, but also every honest vendor or fisherman along the supply chain. These fraudulent practices also carry potentially serious concerns for the health of consumers, and for the health of our oceans and vulnerable fish populations.”

But dig into¬†the report, and it’s hard to find evidence for most of those claims.

Read the complete story from Huffington Post here.



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