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Oct 1 2011

Squid invasion photographs reveal a surreal nighttime event

The rare invasion of large and ravenous squid off Southern California has been more like a blitz, with the slithery cephalopods showing first off San Diego and advancing at least as far north as Santa Barbara.

This has sent anglers clambering onto fishing boats for a truly wet and wild experience, but for one resident catching the mysterious denizens wasn’t enough. Jon Schwartz dove in with his camera to document the experience from beneath the surface (his self-portrait is pictured below).

It was not the safest swim the grade-school teacher from Oceanside has enjoyed, and this is not something others should attempt. But Schwartz, who is an expert marine photographer, captured some incredible images and even brought a few squid to class for first-grade study.

“I asked a bunch of experts if they thought it was safe and they said it might be,” Schwartz, who specializes in photographing large game fish from underwater, said of his weekend plunge.

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— Images are courtesy of Jon Schwartz and protected by copyright laws. To read more about Schwartz’s adventures, please visit his blog

Oct 1 2011

Jumbo Squid Encroach SD Beaches

Humboldt squid have been seen swimming the red tide waters of San Diego

By Sarah Grieco

Seen a squid lately?

San Diego beachgoers have seen large, red and white Humboldt squid wash up on the shoreline throughout the last few weeks.

No, the odd-looking invertebrates aren’t invading the coast; they’re simply beaching themselves. But the reason the large-tentacled creatures are here is unknown.

“We don’t actually know why they’re stranding,” said Linsey Sala, the UCSD assistant museum scientist and collection manager for pelagic invertebrates. “We haven’t really nailed down one particular reason why they’re here.”

Sala said the Humboldt squid are historically from Chile, but in recent years have been expanding their range north. Scientists are still trying to figure out why the jumbo squid are coming closer to the coast each year.

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